Saturday, June 15, 2013


So here we are today, we got our binders set up and ready, a few finishing touches remain but that will happen Thursday.

So, Wendy came through my door like the hero she is, toting all sorts of crafty supplies and goodies!

She brought sheet protectors, card stock paper, a paper cutter, a hole punch, a glue gun, paper cut into letters, all sorts of colored markers, and some goodies for decorating purposes like flowers, and other ornate and divine touches.

Since we didn't quite finish the binders, we've set a meeting for Thursday to visit Hobby Lobby and to put on those unique little finishing touches in place...the kind of things that make you just want to open up that binder and get to work checking things off of your list each day!

We are still progressing, but realized we have some preparation to do before the official start date. Key points we decided were to: finish binders, read the book over the next two weeks, and make a gameplan for goal setting and how to reach those goals or what we need to buy to make this all happen with ease. We looked up things like e-cigs, the Jawbone UP, Fitbit Flex, and other such things to start us on the right track.

We are really doing this! We have made a commitment to each other, to ourselves, really, and I don't see anything stopping us or deterring us from our journey to happiness!

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