Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Jawbone UP: Getting Happy Through Health

One of the tools that we were looking into, to help track this "Happiness through Health" and well-being project, is the Jawbone UP wristband.

Here is a the web address for more product information:

These are my thoughts after 3 days of wearing this amazing piece of transformational technology with eager anticipation...

First: Wow! I am so cool! I can't believe I have this funky awesome product on my wrist that will remind me and inform everyone else that I am in a "monitor my fitness" mode. Hahaha.

Second, third, fourth, and so-on: How do I get in touch with the app designers and the software developers for this band? How can I give them great feedback with ideas for improvement? How can I get them to modify their product to be as great as I know it can be? It's great already, but man, could it really work to change lives in the future, when correlated to all of the new EMR implementation! I have ideas, and they need to be HEARD!

I think that I have some suggestions that may work to transform this product and consequently the lives of thousands, by adding just a few features!! As a nurse, I can see the added benefits of this product, if there are options to enter other physical data items such as bowel elimination, blood sugar levels, pain levels or types (headache, back ache, leg cramps, radiating pain, etc, type and severity), and even menstrual cycle start and end dates.

Of course, these would have to be user-entered data points, just like nutritional intake, as it isn't measured by the band but rather is recorded by the user and tracked with the app. To have the option to enter these additional pieces of data and to see them patterned out along with sleep and activity, well, that would give patients and doctors a better overall view on the health status and triggers, right? Imagine the insight that would provide, into the cause and effect analysis of anyone's health program!

So I wrote to Jawbone about this today. I wonder what response I will get, or if there will be any response at all... until then, it is here, for you to conceptualize with me!

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  1. Apple is suddenly interested in health care tech according to a new article on today... they are stealing my thunder!