Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Great online site to buy shoes!

This is a really great, cool site for shoes. I have bought 3 pair from them so far on separate occasions.

I had to contact them about one of the pair of heels because it was so tall it was a bit wobbly...probably because the heel portion had minimally separated from the sole. When I contacted them, they were amazing on the phone and it was so pleasant to deal with their customer service. They refunded my money and since the shoes were defective, told me I didn't have to return them (I tossed them, didn't even want them to go to Goodwill as they were defective).

The other two pair were boots. These are both great, comfy, beautiful, navy blue knee high boots (one for me and one for my daughter for Christmas).

Anyway, I love dealing with them and their prices and selection are terrific.

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